The Stone Island brand has grown so well-known worldwide that some abuses have come to light through copying. Despite being a victim of its popularity, the Italian company is attempting to prevent this problem by giving an authentication number to its items. These measures are ineffective in preventing the availability of counterfeit goods on the market. So, how can you recognise a copy of Stone Island? It is a question that we will address in this post.

As previously stated, Stone Island is actively combating counterfeiting. To that purpose, the trademark has put in place significant safeguards to minimise unauthorised copies as far as feasible.

How To Avoid The Stone Island Counterfeit Trap?

The compass rose's measures do not completely alleviate the problem. It is especially true when the manufacturers producing Stone Island knockoffs become increasingly efficient at replication. Our first advice is to get Stone Island from an authorised vendor.

If you are purchasing used clothing, ensure the fabric is not too damaged since it can appear if it needs to be cleaned correctly as specified on the garment's label.

How Do You Identify A Fake Stone Island Sweater?

The sweater is still one of Stone Island's most counterfeited items. Here are some pointers to guide you through the authentication process. To identify a fake Stone Island sweater, thoroughly inspect the entire garment and leave no stone unturned. Our suggestions for authenticating a sweater are as follows:

Inspect the authentication code

Each Stone Island accommodation has its unique identification code. By visiting the Certilogo website, you may quickly learn about the provenance of the goods in question. Simply enter the number code on the garment label into the website, or scan the QR code with a smartphone.

Consider the piece's visual appeal.

This strategy entails assessing the overall appearance of the object while closely examining each detail. Check the interior labels thoroughly, paying close attention to the logo. A fake Stone Island sweater can also be distinguished by its low-quality finish. Stone Island items are distinguished by their stitching. Add to this the quality of the material, which will offer you a true idea of the product's compliance. Last but not least, have a look at the ribbed edges.

Analyse the logo patch

Begin by inspecting the logo's hue. The actual logo patch has fairly light colours (saturated effect). The buttons that keep the Stone Island badge patch in place also indicate the item's legitimacy. It is due to the etching of the Stone Island emblem being more prominent than on counterfeit items.

Where can I acquire genuine Stone Island clothing?

Everyone likes internet shopping, but how can you be sure you are not being duped? To prevent getting scammed, always purchase with a trustworthy company that prominently proclaims that their items are 100% legitimate. You can also purchase a pre-owned collection if you don’t want to buy a new piece. To buy a genuine Stone Island badge, count on Badge King.