The vivid Stone Island logo is instantly identifiable as the trademark of the Italian premium menswear label Stone Island. To the uninitiated eye, a Stone Island jacket or coat is just another kind of outerwear sans the signature Stone Island emblem.

The Stone Island label is another way to tell if your Sportswear Company purchase is authentic or not. That’s why we’re going to break down the differences between an authentic stone island patch and a knockoff in this piece.

Looking at the badge’s writing and stitching is the simplest approach to verify its genuineness from Stone Island. The genuine Stone Island insignia has sharper writing and finer, more linked stitching. The counterfeit has a less polished appearance.

If your badge has any of these problems, it is likely to be counterfeit.

  1. Check the Color of the Patch

It is necessary for you to check the colour of your badge right now. Even while performing this step in a well-lit area could be beneficial, in this particular scenario, the colour difference is rather evident, and you’ll be able to identify it even if the lighting is subpar. On the green Stone Island badge, you can see that there is a difference in colour between the two. On the knockoff Stone Island badge, the green is more muted and has a few hints of grey in it.

In addition, the green colour of the legitimate badge is unmistakably green and does not resemble any other colour in any way.

  1. Check the Text of the Stone Island Patch

The next thing you need to check is – the text on your patch.

Inconsistencies in the text are visible in three letters on the green badge colour variant. The “S” and “N” of “ISLAND” on the authentic insignia are more clearly defined than the squished and chubby counterparts on the fakes. The letter “N” in “STONE” many times seems rounder and less sharply defined on the fake patch than it does on the authentic one.

  1. Check the Compass of the Patch

You are going to need to examine the compass that is attached to your badge for the final phase of the authentication process. The centre of the compass is deeply stitched into the genuine badge, whereas the stitching on the counterfeit badge is just at the surface level. This difference is due to the low-quality equipment that is employed by the fabricators of the imitation badge.

If you don’t have the actual and counterfeit badges in front of you at the same time, you can have a hard time telling which one is fake and which one is the real one while comparing them.

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